It's interesting--at least we think so--to see what happens to No. 1 songs once their chart dominance recedes. "Party Rock Anthem" is the song of choice to soundtrack everyone's viral videos and live events destined for virality. "Give Me Everything" is everywhere but ignored. "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" will forever be associated with Kathy Beth Terry and Rebecca Black, but "Rolling in the Deep" and "Someone Like You" get covered by everyone, to the point where they're practically standards already. (Just watch American Idol, where they've ascended to Whitney/Mariah/Alicia ubiquity.) We'd have thought "Moves Like Jagger" would live on in The Voice promos alone, but maybe the video, which has so many would-be Jaggers dancing, has meant that everyone else wants to cop those moves?

"Everybody else," at any rate, now includes Demi Lovato, who covered the Maroon 5 track--both Adam and Christina's parts, laryngitis be damned--last weekend in Dallas. (She's done it at other shows in the past, too.) Most of the moves were left to the backup dancers, but the spirit was there. And we're glad that YouTube uploader "underroxs" was able to triumph over the woman who was "being a beep and wouldn't let us record." We all have to face beeps from time to time, don't we?