Demi Lovato's "Give Your Heart a Break" video is not about young love, really. Nor is it anything that'd justify the teaser titillation campaign. It isn't even heartwarming! That is, it's heartwarming if you're a character in a movie and would love coming home to see your ex plastering a photo collage on the side of your house, if that is a thing that would win anybody back.

Here's the thing. Someone's got to clean up that mess, right? Because a lot of photographs on the side of a wall might look heartwarming and all, and it'll make a nice aerial view, but nevertheless: it's a mess, in the sense of "he doesn't want to look at that mess." Somebody's got to painstakingly peel and scour and scrub that stuff off. Demi Lovato's not-boyfriend might do it, or his parents might make him do it, and none of that's gonna be a happy task. Or if he rents, the super or handyman might have to do it--then maybe charge him handily. And it's going to leave a mark on the wall, probably. Permanent residue of adhesive and heartbreak.

...None of this is going to dissuade an ex, actually. Carry on with your collage. This is your soundtrack and your rationale.