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Demi Lovato Goes On "GMA," Really Sings

Demi Lovato's Unbroken had lots of kinds of songs, as pop albums do these days, but the singles ("Skyscraper" and "Give Your Heart a Break," mainly) have one thing in common: they are constructed to allow Demi Lovato the most possible room for BIG SINGING. Oh, sure, "Skyscraper" starts out hushed (thankfully), but that doesn't last long; even the midtempo verses of "Give Your Heart a Break" are practically belted. It's not quite effortless--to the contrary, you can hear the effort in all this--but it's certainly striking.

Fortunately, she's able to pull off this high-volume singing live, as she did on Good Morning America Friday. And fortunately for Demi Lovato, the crowd sang along almost as much. Watch both singles performed below.



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