It's no secret that Demi Lovato's been through some shit of late—you guys have all heard the song by now, right?—but at least it's seemed like she's making her way through it post-rehab, keeping her feet on the ground, taking it one day at a time, all that good stuff. Still, everyone has their tough nights, and it looks like Demi had one of hers last night, as she took to Twitter to vent her ambiguous frustration at the cosmos:

Woof. Tough stuff for Demi, no doubt, and we wish her the best in getting her shit together before a Twitter over-share becomes a full-on Twitter meltdown. Still, it's not all badness for Demi on the Bluebird these days. Why, just a few hours earlier, she was enjoying some hot new tunes from one of 2012's greatest hitmakers.

Yes, Skrillex, drop it hard. Drop it hard, indeed.