True performers know how to carry out live shows no matter what kind of unexpected distractions come their way. On the road in Kansas City last week, Demi Lovato gave the crowd a flash of all those years of Disney-branded professionalism, when she refused to let one hairy (oh just give us this) situation derail her live show. The scene: Her set's opener "All Night Long," in which she quickly became surrounded by some human disco balls, only to pull out a long strand of strawberry blond hair with one fell swoop of her diva-in-training hand (0:45). Demi, Demi, Demi. We warned you about dating Wilmer again! Lovato finished the song as promised, and one lucky concertgoer went home with an awesome, albeit gross, souvenir. Look to the YouTube comments for proof straight from the Lovatics. Depending on your stance on fake or human hair, this is not as cute as Taylor Swift's live wardrobe malfunction, but some might say it's better than hearing "Moves Like Jagger" again. Watch below.