Demi Moore And Alex Pettyfer Romance Brewing? Pair Spotted 'Flirting Up A Storm'

Is romance brewing between Demi Moore and Alex Pettyfer?

Seems there could be after the couple was spotted “flirting up a storm” Saturday night—Popdust has the exclusive rundown from an eyewitness.

As we all know, the 51-year-old certainly appreciates a younger, good looking guy, and both she and the 23-year-old Brit are currently single and ready to mingle…..

A fellow partier tells Popdust Demi strutted in to a Hollywood party around 11 pm Saturday (at the new nameless Fairfax club that took over from the now defunct Largo) in a bizarre white romper ensemble and managed to steal the limelight from all the twenty-somethings in the house.

After exchanging air kisses with the party host, Pettyfer and Moore quickly made a beeline for each other.

"It was like they were long lost lovers,” the eyewitness dishes. "Alex actually picked Demi up off the ground and swung her around, and then he kept both arms wrapped around her waist as they caught up."

After their initial pleasantries, the pair moved onto Alex's table where the flirting continued.

A sexy red-head in a low-cut dress even sauntered by and tried to steal Alex's gaze from Demi at one point, but ultimately failed.

"He looked her up and down for a second, but then it was right back to Demi—and, she was totally working it. She leaned on the table with her elbows and bent at the waist so her curves were on full display.

“And fair play to Demi, she looked absolutely stunning.”

After some serious flirt time, the source says Pettyfer and Moore drifted away from each other to schmooze with other glitterati, but reconnected once again toward the end of the night.

"There was major chemistry between them, they were flirting up a storm. And, it’s got to be said, despite the age difference they make a really hot couple!”

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