New Denny Single is Equal Parts Gloomy and Dancey

The EDM-pop trio crafts a mix of fun and somber vibes for a modern/retro feel.


Electro-pop has been developing a darker sound these days, and Denny has been working toward perfecting it over the last four years.

On their latest single, "Woke Up in the Hills," they are closer to achieving that goal than ever before. The song blends elements of '80s pop, a hypnotically steady drum beat, warbling synths, Daft Punk-inspired production, and a bit of a disco groove to create a moody (but fun), dance-worthy lament. The song details how a passionate relationship can spin one's life out of control and then just end as quickly as it started. Alexander Rollins sings, "Followed the dark down to the deep end of her eyes/ She took my hand, she said 'jump in, the water's fine'/ She painted a fool/ She pulled me in."

By the time the chorus hits you over the head with heavy drums, pulsating synths, and down-tuned vocals, all at max intensity, it dawns on you that this alluring woman took him on a wild ride and then quickly tossed him aside. This song is delivered from the perspective of a man waking up alone in what I would presume to be the Hollywood Hills, seeing as the track was recorded in Los Angeles and manages to capture a certain glitzy and glamorously dark sound that could easily be heard in a Hollywood night club.

"Woke Up in the Hills" is the rare kind of song that makes just as much sense being bumped at a party as it does serving as the backdrop to your wandering thoughts on a solitary late night drive. Denny is proving that the gloom of new wave and the excitement of EDM can coexist in the same space, that electronic music can be both fun and cathartic all at once.

Woke Up In The Hills

Dustin DiPaulo is a writer and musician from Rochester, New York. He received his MFA in Creative Writing from Florida Atlantic University and can most likely be found at a local concert, dive bar, or comedy club (if he's not getting lost somewhere in the woods).

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