Did Deshone Sykes "wow" a Facebook post calling for his arrest?

Toledo PD's murder suspect seemingly reacts to Crime Stopper Facebook post; SAVAGE AF

Toledo Police posted on Facebook yesterday, putting out an open warrant BLO for a man named Deshone Sykes.

But the Toledo PD's Facebook page has seen a spike in traffic after a screenshot of Sykes' reaction to the post went viral. Sykes appeared to use Facebook's "wow" reaction to the post, a move that people are already calling "Savage AF."

Popdust's investigators on the Facebook scene looked into the post, but there was no "wow" reaction from Sykes (the post is over a day old, and Sykes could have easily unclicked his reaction). But there's also a chance that Deshone Sykes never like the post to begin with, and it's a clever photoshop. We may never know.

The comments section of Toledo Police Department's post is being blown up by users talking about Sykes' supposed reaction to the post. Popdust reached out to Sykes for comment via Facebook, but he hasn't responded (as expected).

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