What do you think of Dev's upcoming album The Night The Sun Came Up? Hopefully nothing yet unless you're Dev, because it's not out and won't be until 2012. Its original release date, Sept. 20, passed; now the Nov. 1 release date has been pushed back again, to Jan. 10. Dev said:

It was a little hard to change it and I didn’t want any of my fans to be upset but I knew that letting ‘In the Dark’ grow a little bit would be a positive thing for the album and I knew that being able to add more records would be good for the fans as well — especially because I can’t really perform right now given that I’m seven-and-a-half months pregnant.”

Can't really argue with the reasoning there. Personally, we're hoping for perhaps another single in that time frame (although it'd have to be fairly soon, given a January release date)--"In the Dark"'s been out for what seems like forever, its video was out in July (forever in pop years), and while we still love the song and it's been charting decently, we also love "being able to add more records," possibly hearing them. Something's got to be near-ready to go!