Rolling Stone caught up with Dia Frampton, a finalist on The Voice and arguably its breakout star if you didn't think she'd already broken out as part of Warner Bros. group Meg & Dia. About time we heard that the finalists were up to! (Now let's hear about Vicci and Beverly a lot more than we are.)

What Dia's up to, in this case, is working on her upcoming album Red, whose lead single is "The Broken Ones." The album's out on Dec. 6, and the tracklisting's available here. It's fair to say The Voice has given her a boost in terms of collaborators--in the Rolling Stone interview, she's refreshingly down-to-earth about what exactly her finalist status gave her--and here's the result.

- Meg: The other half of Meg & Dia, also seen making jewelry and escaping mention on episode after episode of The Voice, wrote the song "Hearts Out to Dry."

- Blake Shelton: Is Blake Shelton, and was Dia's mentor on the show. They sing a duet, "I Will," which Dia said she was iffy about because she at first found it--and duets in general--too corny. But this duet did have her "cheeseball-crying," in her words, so at least it's corny in a way that works? (We haven't heard it. We're going off secondhand reactions here.)

- Kid Cudi: On lead track "Don't Kick The Chair," about which we know absolutely nothing else.

- Isabella Summers: Florence + The Machine is a band, and she is part of it. (She's got a side project, Ivan Ink 'n' Isa, in case you'd like to go on a Google tangent.) Her collaboration is called "Bullseye," and it involves guitar somehow.

- Isom Innis: The... touring keyboardist for Foster the People? This is probably the first time you've heard this name if you're not a Foster stan. (First time we did.) But apparently he and Dia "go back years," Frampton said, and they wrote a song called "Billy the Kid." Foster the People aside, that title alone is more interesting than a few albums in 2012 we can think of. It's enough to call this promising, even.