Diane Von Furstenberg Paid $100k To Have Her Dog Cloned

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diane von furstenberg dog cloned  Diane Von Furstenberg Paid $100k To Have Her Dog Cloned

How much do you love your dog?

Diane Von Furstenberg loves her dog so much that she paid $100,000 to have her cloned.

Made in Korea diane von furstenberg dog cloned

The fashion designer and billionaire husband, Barry Diller, sent their Jack Russell terrier, Shannon’s DNA to a company in Korea—which embedded it into a dog embryo, and voila! a brand new pair of puppies.

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According to Page 6, the two clones, named Deena and Evita, are almost exact replicas of Shannon.

Yeah, that’s not creepy—not creepy, at all.

Spoiled rotten diane von furstenberg dog cloned

Diller and Furstenberg are known for their ridiculous over-indulgence when it comes to their dog—Shannon apparently sleeps in a grand, custom-made, neoclassical doghouse, and is treated more like a spoiled child than an animal.

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In addition to Shannon, Furstenburg has two human children—son, Prince Alexander, and daughter, Princess Tatiana—from her first marriage, to Prince Egon of Furstenberg.

Doggie dresses diane von furstenberg dog cloned

The Belgian-born business woman named her first perfume after Tatiana, when she launched it back in 1974, and not be left out,  Shannon has a dress in her honor.

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Following hot on her paws, Deena now has dress too—a hideous bronze, gray and cream silk monstrosity.

Presumably, little Evita has not earned that honor yet, but DVF has been posting Instagram pics of the pup, so that’s some consolation at least.

Confirmed bachelor diane von furstenberg dog cloned

Diller, who was a “confirmed bachelor” up until his shock marriage to von Furstenberg in 2001, at age 60, has no children of his own, but is said to be close to his step-kids, especially Prince Alex apparently.

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He’s so fond of the hunky 46-year-old that Diller deeded Alex his Malibu mansion when he married his first wife back in 1995—can’t wait to find out what Diller will give Alex for his second wedding gift.

Something cloned, perhaps?

Money money money diane von furstenberg dog cloned

Whatever it is, Alex and his sister are already set to be richer than even your wildest dreams could possibly imagine.

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In addition to their mom’s sizable fortune, it’s believed Diller will leave the lucky siblings his $2.5 billion fortune when he shuffles off this mortal coil.

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