Did Anna Wintour Stage A Fashion Intervention For Baby North West?

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According to Radar, Anna Wintour is fed up with seeing baby fashion maven North West dressed all in black.

According to 'an insider,' Wintour feels it is inappropriate for the Kim Kardashian, Kanye West progeny to wear dark colors, and, get this, she has contacted the designers behind North's dark garments to ask for more color!

God, if only this shit were true.

Wait. I'm sorry, who am I to question an Unnamed Insider?

If the website said it, it must be true.

You know what? My Insider is saying that Anna Wintour is also concerned about North's nutrition. Anna has hired a nutritionist to plan meals for North, with an eye towards cutting out dairy, gluten, and GMO's.

Anna is even more concerned with North's education, diction, and bowl movements.

While Kim and Kanye welcome Anna's devotion to their daughter, according to Another Insider, they wish she would stop calling at all hours of the night, inquiring about North's blankie.

Poor Anna. She should be worried about the cutbacks at Conde Nast but it's only 'North West this' and 'North West that.' Stand by for more Insider scoops as they come in. The story is still developing, as we say in journalism school.

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