Did you celebrate Thanksgiving this year? Did you Instagram your turkey? Sure you did. And now you have a lot more in common with your favorite pop star than you think. Across Twitter, Instagram and all those other places we put evidence of our celebrations, pop stars are also sharing the the things they're thankful for and the requisite pictures of drumsticks.

Britney's always on the job. The X-Factor host posed with her boyfriend Jason Trawick and this random dude dressed up as a turkey.

Katy Perry and her adorable grandmother, Ann, post with new baby Kai. Katy's baby? Unless she got fully pregnant andgave birth this holiday weekend, we suspect that Kai belongs to someone else.

Taylor Swift did not eat turkey, but she did force her band and crew to watch her babble on forever and what she's thankful for. (Perhaps all the famous boyfriends she's dated and the songwriting material they've given her?

Alas, everyone's favorite Canadian pop icon Justin Bieber did NOT celebrate Turkey Day yesterday, but he's still thankful for you.

But his on-again, off-again girlfriendSelena did. Maybe Justin just wasn't invited to the Gomez table this year.

But wait, fellow Canadian Carly Rae Jepsen didcelebrate Thanksgiving? Not only did she celebrate, she was allowed the honor of performing on a Thanksgiving Day Parade float! We call blasphemy. 

Moving on. P!nk poses with her mom and her kid. Three generations of P!nk! 

While Nicki Minaj grabs early Thanksgiving at an Indian spot. No turkey?

One Direction's Harry Styles doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving (Sorry about that, England!) but he does wish that yours is great. 

Meanwhile, coincidentally, Joe Jonas is thankful for Harry's hair.

While Hurricane Sandy hero Aaron Carteris thankful for trending topics. 

Lady Gaga's fans are spending their Thanksgivings hiding out in her garage.  

And Diddy's caught posing with a turkey we have a feeling he didn't prepare.

Mariah Carey and hubby Nick Cannon are practically an old married couple in celebrity years.

And Miguel and his pops are practically identical.

Be careful "Animals", Ke$ha might prepare you with a side of glitter-dusted mashed potatoes.

And last but not least (Well, maybe a little least), Fergie gives her fans a big Thanksgiving smooch. *wipes lipstick off cheek*