Did Maria Shriver Really Ban Miley Cyrus From Kennedy Family Christmas?

If certain anonymous source fueled reports are to be believed, Miley Cyrus has been banned from Christmas!

Or, at least from any Christmas family events involving boyfriend, and Kennedy family stalwart/dynasty heir, Patrick Schwarzenegger.

Patrick's mom, Maria Shriver, is reportedly unimpressed with Miley and her buck-wild antics, and the word is, Cyrus is personae non-gratea on the Kennedy premises over the Holidays.

According to that well respected (cough, cough!!) tabloid rag, Life & Style, Miley and Patrick won’t be spending the holidays together—as dictated by his mom's orders.

“Maria doesn’t want her there and won’t budge," a 'source' supposedly told Life &Style. "She doesn’t think it’s appropriate to have Miley around the rest of the Kennedy family.”

But, that's not where it ends—oh no, oh no sirree!

According to the rag's impeccable "anonymous sources" Patrick has been butting heads with his family over his mom's lay down of the law....

“Patrick insists on having [Miley] there—or he will not come,” the 'insider' claims...

Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger's supposed relationship with Cyrus is apparently driving a wedge between him and his family...

“They’ve been talking less and less,” Life & Style's alleged 'source' says. “Every time they do talk, it ends up in an argument where Patrick is defending Miley.”

Yeah, sure.....

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