MMG fans in North Carolina were disappointed this week to learn that the Biggest Bawse would not be making his scheduled stops in Greensboro and Charlotte on his recent tour, cancelling the dates through a Live Nation statement that says fans' tickets would be refunded. The reason this time isn't another in-air seizure, though—reports this time have Rick Ross pulling out of his tour dates due to threats from the Gangster Disciples, a gang long irritated at Rozay's co-opting of parts of their movement.

The group details their issues with Ross in a number of YouTube videos, mostly keyed around two points—that Ross name-checked their currently incarcerated co-founder Larry Hoover in the famous "I think I'm Big Meech / Larry Hoover" hook to "B.M.F. (Blowin' Money Fast)," and then that the rapper used their symbol of the six-pointed star on the cover to his Black Bar Mitzvah mixtape. (The fact that the six-point star is also a Jewish symbol and the mixtape followed a Jewish theme seems to leave the Disciples unmoved.) The videos also threaten violence towards Ross, as well as just about anyone else associated with Maybach Music, threats that local NC news station WCNC reported as the reason behind the rapper's cancellation of the Carolina tour dates.

Crazy stuff, which we hope doesn't impact too many more MMG-related events, or spill out into anything worse than a couple rescheduled tour stops. Maybe stick to referencing the cultures of sports teams and, uh, improv groups on your next album, Rozay.