After weeks of grousing, the House of Representatives is about to renew an expanded version of the Violence Against Women Act, bringing an end to a stalemate over domestic violence that's held Congress in more than its usual level o partisan gridlock for weeks. What changed? Well, we can't say for sure, but we're pretty sure it has something to do with this Taylor Swift parody video the Ms. Foundation released this week.

Set to Swift's "22," the video targets the 22 senators—all men—who voted against renewing a new version VAWA that expands protections for Native Americans and the LGBT community. The bill passed the Senate without them, but met resistance from the Republican-controlled House, which wanted to pass a narrower version of the law. Their efforts crumbled though, quickly after this video was released. Did House Republicans fear being the subject of their own Taylor Swift parody video? Did they lie awake at night fearing having their name read out over a catchy Max Martin beat? We're not sure, we're just asking questions.

[Reality Check]