If you were sentient in 1997, then Aussie chanteuse Natalie Imbruglia's "Torn" almost certainly made its way between your ears. With a hook as catchy as it was scandalous (oh, you know, "lying naked on the floor"), the song was enough to earn Imbruglia the VMA for Best New Artist. Oh, also, she's stunning. Give 'er a look:

Well, as it is her 38th birthday today (You didn't know that?! For shame!), we decided to unearth the classic and listen as a tribute. What this egg-on-her-face writer didn't know was that "Torn" is actually a cover of a song by a band called Ednaswap. Give 'er a listen:

Very cool, and makes me appreciate Nat's cover even more. Ednaswap ended up disbanding in 1999; we can only hope they made some coin off of the more famous version. Or that Dolly Parton called them to say, "Sucks, right?"