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Did you see that Epic Fail coming?

Top 10+ classic GIF and Pic fails that will leave you rolling

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Oh no... you didn't just do that?

People generally try to have sympathetic compassion for others, but sometimes the misfortune of others is too funny not to laugh. After all, isn't it sort of their fault for putting themselves in that situation. These are the most ridiculous finds we at Popdust could find. At least for now, this will have to keep you satisfied. I dare you not to give at least a chuckle.

Hey mom, look at me

This says a lot about our youth. Millennials are just trying to get some education on firearms. It is noble to practice gun safety, but perhaps some people should not be given anything that could kill someone. Probably shoot himself.

Sexy car wash ends in tears

This beautiful woman is sizzling in that bikini. Looking good until she drops a motorcycle on her. Hope she's not hurt. It would be a shame.

Another trip to Home Depot?

New sports craze. Head butting through a closet door seems like a great way to pass the time. Costing a lot of money to replace the doors, but practice makes perfect.

My kid doesn't like to share her smoke

While she is having her coffee in the morning, she keeps her kid quiet with something that looks like a joint.

Too much bounce

Don't play if you can't take a spill or 2. Maybe she should try another sport. Trampoline work requires a little balance.

First thing you see in the morning

Passed out after a wild night out. Not sure what happened, blacked out after that last chocolate milk. I must have got into the Mexican leftovers, then smeared Indian food everywhere. No, that's not Indian food.

Mom, i have a present

This is not the gift she was hoping for. Not a very cleansing shower. They tried potty training, but the on;y place he will pee is on a roof. What was his pants dropped in the first place?

Doing a friend a a favor

Couldn't find a bench. Couldn't find a chair either. I guess the spandex butt shot wasn't enough of a fail. Had to drop a weight on their head!

This has to be good for the abs

This is pretty extreme way to get into exercise. Planking and flip off the top of a door. Smart.

Good thing he's wearing a helmet


This kid should stick to the bunny slopes

motorcycle tumble

Stunt gone wrong. Stay off the trails!

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