Diddy Gifts French Montana $1 Million, French Promptly Donates it!

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Diddy Gifts Million Dollars French Montana

French Montana got one million reasons to love P Diddy this Christmas... and now we have one million reasons to love French Montana!

The generous mogul was so impressed with Montana’s work with Bad Boy records over the last year, he threw him an extra cool million in a bonus check.

French, 31,  told TMZ, that entire check is going to charity!  Specifically, the charity he started in the South Bronx to help schools and young kids.

Now those tube socks you got for your dad don't seem all that impressive.

"Shout out to @iamdiddy for that million dollar gift bonus" French wrote on Instagram.

Diddy Gifts Million Dollars French Montana

French proved that his loyalty to his boss was beyond question back in August when he blasted the 50 Cent-endorsed liquor brand EFFEN, which was poised to compete with Ciroc, a vodka company in which Diddy own a stake. Montana claimed 50 Cent's Effen was "watered down" and took video of himself dumping a box of Effen bottles into the garbage, which he then promptly posted to Instagram.

“This is how I feel about your bullshit,” French Montana says, before dumping the box, which retails for around $210, into the garbage. “What the fuck is this?”

50, however, seemed pretty convinced that the video was inspired less by his palate and more by fear of losing his job and took to his IG in the interest of keeping shit real.

“Yo, I just seen a clip of French Montana throwing bottles of EFFEN in the garbage,” 50 Cent says. “You know Puffy called him like, ‘You said you fucking like that shit? You fucking bitch, you want your record out don’t you? You fucking dummy. You fucking playing? They fucking putting us out of business you fucking asshole. You better do something!’”

Nevertheless, Montana, who’s net worth is around $8 million, is a charitable vodka connoisseur. Along with his $1 million Christmas gift, he also recently donated 100 pairs of Reeboks to a Bronx education program.

Diddy Gifts Million Dollars French Montana

Diddy Gifts Million Dollars French Montana

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