Diddy Hired Tupac Killer, According To Former LAPD Cop

diddy hired tupac killer According To Former LAPD Cop

Some rumors just never die—case in point: Diddy hired Tupac’s killer—according to a former LAPD cop, who makes his claim in an upcoming Netflix documentary.

Murder Rap: Inside the Biggie and Tupac Murders is scheduled to air in the spring, and the resurfacing of the ages-old rumor is sure to ruffle a few feathers in the Hip Hop community.

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Diddy Hired Tupac Killer—round 1

As TMZ points out,  a similar Diddy hired Tupac killer rumor surfaced back in 2008, when the LA Times ran a story claiming two years prior to Tupac’s death in 1996, Diddy’s crew had unsuccessfully attempted to murder him, shooting the singer five times, as he exited a recording studio in New York City.

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The paper later retracted the story, after concluding the FBI reports it was based on were not credible.

Diddy Hired Tupac Killer—round 2

This time round, it’s alleged Diddy hired Crip gangbanger, Duane Keith “Keffe D” Davis, to bump off 2Pac, along with his manager, Suge Knight.

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Retired LAPD detective, Greg Kading, claims Davis told him that he was paid $1million to do the deed, and that Davis’ nephew was the one who ended up shooting Tupac dead, as he and Knight drove down the Las Vegas strip.

Not surprisingly, Diddy has denied involvement in both the 1994 and the 1996 shootings.

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Meanwhile, as Popdust previously reported, according to conspiracy theorists, Tupac was never actually murdered, and, in fact, faked his own death as a way to remove himself from the limelight once and for all.

Yeah, sure.

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diddy hired tupac killer


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