Diddy is reportedly taking his talents back to the small screen. A fixture on the music scene for almost 20 years as a indelible producer, hype man, dancer, rapper and preserver of sexy is is talks to form his own cable network, Broadcasting & Cable reports. Sources close to the channel known as "Revolt" say it intends to be a music-themed station "with an urban skew," aimed at African-American audiences. Former MTV programming chief Andy Schuon is reportedly involved and the network has a projected launch date at the end of the year. So far cable companies Comcast and Time Warner are playing coy about their involvement, and Bad Boy Entertainment has yet to confirm. But as we've learned from history, when Diddy wants to do something, it usually happens.

From Making the Band to I Wanna Work for Diddy, Mr. Combs has experience stringing along the hopes and dreams of hungry wannabes, and a knack for creating intriguing (if not borderline embarrassing) reality television. He's taken a stab at acting himself, but it's not known whether or not this fledgling enterprise will include scripted, fictional programming or be one continuous advertisement for Ciroq. Either way, we've thought of a few solid ideas His Diddyness should take in consideration as plans continue to roll.

Shows We Would Watch On Diddy's Cable Network:

Laurieann Gibson: The Return: The choreographer recently professionally broke up with Lady Gaga, yet has been attached to our hearts ever since the earliest commands of "Boom, Cat" on Diddy's Making The Band series. She and the boss have a tumultuous history, which is all the better for a redemptive, tear-heavy storyline.

Justin Combs: All In a Day's Work: Diddy's son recently scored a scholarship to the (struggling) football program at UCLA, which means there will be at least 12 opportunities for Diddy to don Bruin blue and head to a game himself. Or he could always recruit alumni like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Sara Bareilles to provide detailed analysis of the school's strategy across all markets regardless of how far from California they may be. People in Ohio don't really need to watch the Buckeyes.

Teach Me How To Diddy: A daily dance lesson that helps you better shimmy and shake like the Bad Boy. Viewers are highly recommended to obtain their own vintage '90s shiny suit for the best effect.

Notorious B.I.G & Puff Daddy: The Saga Continues The children of Combs and the late Christopher Wallace have previously been introduced to the world via the man himself, but it would be interesting to see the paths their lives have taken following the notoriety their names have given them. (We would watch this.)

The Art of Tweeting: A lot has been written about how to optimize social media for personal or professional benefit, but rarely have we had the chance to watch an expert hard at work at his craft. How does Diddy differentiate between one exclamation point and five? When and how do capital letters come off as excited instead of angry? Is it always best to retweet Spike Lee, or will a DM suffice? And does he do it from the bathroom?