We've come to the point in our relationship with Diddy where we're no longer surprised to see him turn up in non-musical situations. From the streets of New York City, Broadway, the White House and most likely your next family reunion, every big event in one's life is somehow made better with a dash of Sean Combs. The consummate multihyphenate made himself part of NBA All-Star Weekend's Slam Dunk Contest on Saturday night, coming to the aid of Houston Rockets' Chase Budinger. After some painful White Man Can't Jump banter, the strawberry blonde proved us all wrong with a soaring one-handed dunk over the genius mind that once helped mold the careers of Biggie and this. While he may have left as the night's runner-up to the Utah Jazz's Jeremy Evans, but here's hoping Budinger got at least one high-profile Facebook friend out of this exchange, or an invite to this year's White Party.

Now that Diddy's launching his own TV network, we expected People Who Can Jump Over Sean to be a regular series. Watch below.