Well, guys, it's been a good run. From NBA player Gilbert Arenas saying his "swag was phenomenal" after hitting a game-winning shot in 2007, to Soulja Boy chronicling his morning ritual of hopping out the bed and turning his swag on in 2009 to VCU men's hoops celebrating their Sweet Sixteen victory via Lil B's "swag" mantra earlier this year, we've gotten about as much mileage out of "swag" as a culture as could be expected. But now, invariably, the term has run its course—as proven by a video tweeted by the Artist Formerly Known as Diddy late last night:

From his hotel room with a number of friends (where they were apparently watching The Game and eating every type of soul food in existence), Diddy makes the announcement that after being sick for a week, he is officially back—and with a new name. His buds don't do a great job of building up suspense as to what the new name is going to be, since after every single thing Diddy says, they echo "SWAG!," like a loyal church congregation. But indeed, 'tis "Swag" the new Diddy moniker, and he's even set up a new Twitter account to reflect this (from @iamdiddy to @iamswag—self-explanatory enough), though he says that unlike with previous name changes, this one will be for a week only.

There comes a time with every major pop culture catchphrase where you just know that its course has been run, and watching this video, which uses the term about a hundred times too many, it's pretty clear that the end of "Swag" is now upon us.  Hope you enjoy your week, P. Diddy Sean "Puffy" Swag Combs Daddy, because there are going to be some very angry rappers upset that you've permanently ruined their go-to phrase at the end of it.