The D, the I, the D, the D, the Y, it's Diddy. Hold up! Last month word spread that entertainment mogul, rapper and proud football dad Sean Combs would be launching his own cable television network, unleashing a wave of ideas for Making the Band reunion specials that we normally keep locked up in the depths of our minds. Now we have confirmation from the man himself, as Diddy recorded his own video announcement describing the launch of his baby, Revolt TV. According to Diddy, the upcoming network will be music-focused, allowing the artists themselves the opportunity to create "uncut, raw, uncensored" art on the air, with the goal of becoming the No. 1. channel in home entertainment. "[It's] going to give the artists—it's your channel, baby!" he blurted out with pure excitement, before borrowing a well known phrase to assure all that the "The Rev0lution will be televised." (Get it?) After spewing out a few more cliches (it's a marathon, not a sprint—and he would know) Diddy also praised cable companies Comcast and NBC for "recognizing the importance of minority ownership in television," as well as those television personalities that came before him (Don Cornelius, Bob Johnson, Cathy Hughes and Oprah Winfrey), thus changing the media landscape with their contributions.

Congrats, Diddy. In case you need some programming inspiration, we've compiled our dream schedule here.