Diddy, like many multi-hyphenate artists/moguls/aspiring-or-not style icons before him, went to Paris's Fashion week. And like those same multi-hyphenate artists/moguls, he got one more venture out of his trip: the short film Paris is Burning. The trailer, directed by Julien Bachelet, is out, and from the minute or so here, it's all about the trappings of the world he knew. Specifically:

- The perfect crystal chandelier introductory shot

- Gotye's "Someone That I Used To Know." (Really.) (There's probably a Gotye/Gaultier pun to be made here.)

- Black-and-white everything

- Diddy's vodka of product-placment choice

- The following quote: "Swag to a zillion-trillion." (Previously.)

- Legions of paparazzi and their camera phones

- Watches, and lots of them

- Several lavish parties with equally lavish strobe lighting

- About one second total of runway modeling.

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