Jetsetters have a new video to fawn over, as Diggy has premiered the newest visuals from forthcoming Unexpected Arrival. "88'' is a track that acknowledges those who have come first, paying respects to Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z and even Bobby Brown, and its video sees Diggy spitting verses from the inside of a church, suggesting a holiness of his hip-hop predecessors. All the name-dropping isn't solely to get into the good graces of his personal heroes, but further proof that his musical pedigree has led him to read up on his greats. Though he's making a name for himself on his own, there's always room for an Uncle Russ(ell Simmons) cameo, who may or may not have had something to do with that Jadakiss guest verse. With additional mentions of Michael Irvin and Chris Tucker, as well as the window-shattering amounts of swag—not many can pull of snakeskin—it's hard to believe Young Daniel is only 16-years-old. To his credit, he's learned from the best. Watch below.