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Unknown Rapper Blaise Guerra Drops 'Dillary Trumplon'–The Hottest Track Of Election Season

Finally, a song that expresses how we feel about both candidates.

"I can't wait for this election cycle to be over."

I've see that phrase more than any other this election cycle. Facebook is covered in anti-Trump and anti-Hillary rhetoric.

"This candidate is a rapist," they cry. "That candidate is a murderer" (I'll let you fill in which is which).

No matter who you support, voting in 2016 is futile! We're either going to get Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. If by some long shot we wind up with Gary Johnson we're going to be in even more trouble.

Rapper Blaise Guerra realizes that playing politics in 2016 is a waste of everyone's time, and he's written a song that is not anti-Trump or anti-Hillary, it's anti-BOTH!

Here's Blaise Guerra's track "Dillary Trumplon," a political song anarchists everywhere can all get behind.

According to Guerra, the track shows "how the two candidates represent two different forms of evil... whichever candidate wins, we all lose."

Guerra, who is 21 years old, endorsed Jill Stein of the Green Party, which means (according to one pundit) he needs attention.

No matter who you support, it's important to get out and vote on November 28th. Rock the vote, or don't, but either way, someone will try to blame you for what happens in the election.

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