I Tried Disco's Skincare Starter Kit, Here Are My Honest Thoughts

For years, I have been washing my face with good ol' soap. It seemed to work out fine for a while. Any acne or blemishes would dry up after a few days. But one day, I began to notice that something was off.

My skin looked a little rough and inflamed. I went to my local dermatologist, worried it could be some sort of reaction, and he told me that this was simply the result of using soap on my face. But I was confused, how could something so benign like soap cause noticeable harm?

It turns out that soap can damage the outer protective layer of skin. This can lead to accentuated wrinkles and pores, and can even exacerbate acne and make breakouts much worse.

My derm recommended that not only should I stop using soap, but I should switch to a full-fledged skincare routine. While I wasn't against the idea, I had no idea where to start. Skincare seemed like such a daunting regimen and I didn't know many guys who were invested in moisturizers and creams.

He recommended a few different over-the-counter remedies, but they all seemed incredibly clinical. They had complicated names and I remember my ex-girlfriend would tell me about all of the harmful chemicals in popular moisturizers, so I wasn't about to smear a bunch of toxins all over my face.

After two weeks of research, scouring the shelves of my local pharmacy and flipping through Google's endless pages, I still hadn't committed to anything. It wasn't until one day when I went over to my friend Michael's house for poker night. When I went to use his bathroom, I noticed that he had a bunch of products that were all labeled " Disco."

Intrigued, I asked Michael what Disco was. He told me that it was a line of skincare products designed especially for men. My next question was obvious: Michael and I were both 24. Why did he have such a robust assortment of skincare products?

After interrogating Michael, he told me that the earlier you start a skincare routine, the better your skin will look when you're older. Considering that we've started eating better and going to the gym for this exact reason, I felt like adding good skincare habits wouldn't hurt.

But why Disco? After doing some of my own research, I found out that Disco was made exclusively for men who are trying to start a skincare routine but don't know where to start. It was like they could read my mind. All of their products are backed by science and are cruelty-free, all-natural, and vegan.

Formulations are the result of a meticulous year long process with a renowned medical advisor and a team of top-notch cosmetic chemists, and every product matches the optimal pH level for men's skin (5.5-6.5 pH).

I decided to try Disco's Starter Set which featured a mix of complexion boosting must-haves for anyone trying to upgrade their skincare regimen. The first product was a Face Cleanser Stick which contains ingredients like coconut oil to help remove dirt and oil from my face (basically serving the same purpose as soap, but much less harmful). The next was a Face Scrub exfoliator that uses aloe and papaya to promote skin-cell growth and remove all of that rough and inflamed skin from my face. Finally, the Face Moisturizer was the perfect way to balance out my complexion with a nice helping of vitamin E and macadamia.

While I was only expecting the starter set to last a month tops, I was surprised to find that it lasted nearly three months. I didn't realize how a little could go such a long way.

When it came time to renew my starter kit, I decided to take a look at some of Disco's other products. I decided to buy another three month supply of the starter kit, but also decided to try out Disco's detoxifying Face Mask, and man, I was not disappointed.

In fact, the face mask may have been the most relaxing part of the entire regimen. It just goes to show you that just because you're a dude, that doesn't mean you should overlook skincare. Not only will you thank yourself in your 40s, but you'll feel better about your skin and yourself in general.

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