We're Already Sick of Disney's Live-action Remakes

Disney studio's obsession with live-action remakes only pleases the late Walt Disney, who is now a capricious god who must be worshiped by sacrificing our fondest childhood memories.


We're halfway through Disney's demolition of 2019 with its mission to ruin all our favorite children's films.

With real people and half the fun, live-action remakes will continue to clothesline movie-lovers well into 2020. Mulan is slated for release on March 27, 2020, and confirmed projects in early development include: Tink, Cruella, Pinocchio, Ariel, Lilo and Stitch, and Hunchback of Notre Dame.

To be fair, not everyone is deeply disturbed. After Dumbo's release on March 29, some called the film "Tim Burton's best live-action film in years," while others saw a "garish CGI mess." Still, with Aladdin slated for release on May 24, Will Smith is already drawing mixed reviews as Genie after a one-minute-long clip of the "Prince Ali" musical number was released online. And no one knows what "live-action" really means since Lion King, slated for release on July 19, is only comprised of photo-real computer generations.

Overall, public responses to Disney's live-action obsession have ranged from confusion to fury, disappointment to mourning the end of childhood innocence.


Dumbo Official Trailer www.youtube.com

Directed by Tim Burton and starring Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, Colin Farrell, and Eva Green, this film generated the reaction: Who asked for this?

"#Dumbo the character is quite cute. But unfortunately, though it looks great, the movie lacks the sincerity and heart that made the animated original a classic. Too manufactured, and it's super talented cast is a bit wasted on paper thin characters and relationships."

"This is a very easy way to make money. There is no artistic reason or vision. Thats why dumbo and Aladdin took a back seat to lion king. It's more popular than those films. This draws the nostalgic and curious crowd. As they will want to see how it translates to live action."

"That live action Dumbo movie came and went and nobody even gave a shit"


Early reviews of the film can't find a reason why the original Agrabah and Robin Williams' stellar performance need to be revamped. Digital Spy wrote, "A lavish and enjoyable retelling, but not enough of A Whole New World to fully succeed. Mena Massoud/Naomi Scott are great, while Will Smith brings a fun energy to his take on the Genie, even if the CGI lets him down. The less said about Jafar, the better."

As one Twitter user lamented, "I get that the 'live-action' versions of Jungle Book, Lion King, & Dumbo have the 'it looks like a real animal!' factor. But Aladdin has always been animated by nature: frenetic, colorful, unbound by earth logic. I didn't realize how big of a misstep this was until this clip."

"I love the part where Genie said, 'strong as 10 regular men, definitely!' and then Aladdin just smiled awkwardly. Really captures the essence of the original film to a T."

"LEAKED: nick fury shows up at the end of aladdin (2019) with dumbo and maleficent to tell aladdin he's part of a bigger universe now, finally confirming the live action disney remake cinematic universe"

Lion King (July 19)

The Lion King Official Trailer www.youtube.com

The trailer for Lion King features Scar being a dick but without the gravitas of Jeremy Irons but at least Beyoncé is the perfect voice for Nala, the prettiest lion in all of animation. Jon Favreau directs this "live-action" film that's made entirely with photo-realistic CGI, and the studio gets another way to push its live-action remakes because the late Walt Disney is now a capricious god they need to serve.

"Scar I'm so sorry sweetie #TheLionKing"

"(If they mess up Lion King I will riot)I'm still confused as to why they are remaking them at all, unless it's a rights thing. These, out of all the remakes and redos, just don't seem necessary or logical st all"

"I've seen the Lion King trailer. Shit is pure Mufasa propaganda. They had Scar looking dry and malnutritioned, like that man wasn't a bad bitch in the animated movie."

Meg Hanson is a Brooklyn-based writer, teacher, and jaywalker. Find Meg at her website and on Twitter @megsoyung.

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