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Alternative Disney's 'Potato Disney Princesses' mashup series are super a-peel-ing

Ladies and gentlemen, starch your engines!

A fabled Facebook meme page, Alternative Disney, is known for posting "18+ Alternative themed Disney" memes and photos.

A recent meme trend has girls comparing themselves to potatoes:

Alternative Disney took it a step further, by making potato facsimiles of actual cartoon women. Potatoes haven't been this popular since I wrote "I like potato" on the board in seventh grade math class instead of actually solving the problem.

[Editor's note: I was going to try to make as many potato puns as possible in this article, but I'm completely fried after writing that headline so I'm just going to report on the Disney princess potatoes.]

1. Alice in Spud-derland

*cringes at horrible potato pun*

I like this Alice potato, even if the pocketwatch does belong to the White Rabbit (not Alice) and the Queen of Hearts isn't a card. Fans commenting on the picture pointed out that Alice "isn't a princess" but we still like this potato.

2. Beauty and the Beast

Boy, I bet this Belle is a real couch potato (because of the anthropomorphic furniture in Beauty and the Beast, get it? God, I love nerdy girls potatoes.

3. Cinderella

There has been some debate over whether or not this potato is accurate, because Cinderella's shoe was made of glass – but one commenter notes that Cinderella's shoe is technically a glass slipper. So, stfu, taters haters.

I think it would be funnier if there was a mouse in this picture. Alternative Disney, if you need to borrow a mouse for your next photoshoot, you can always come to my Brooklyn apartment, we've got several. You don't need to bring them back either.

4. Ariel

Look at this potato
Isn't it neat
Wouldn't you think this potato is complete
Wouldn't you think there's a missed opportunity for
This potato to hold a fork

This must be after she gets her legs.

5. Potatohontas

Can you potate with all the colors of the wind?

This potato could also double as Scooby Doo, probably.

6. Rapunzel

From the Facebook comments on this one:

"But Rapunzel has blonde hair"
"Yeah, but she's also an animation and not a fucking potato!"

All good points. Weave it to Facebook to take things super literally all the damn time.

7. Snow White

Is it just me, or is Snow White a brutal dwarf murderer in this adaptation? Did they not do their part and chip in on chores?

8. Tiana

I didn't see this movie, but I'm pretty sure there should be a frog in this photo. Here, Alternative Disney, FTFY:

9. Jasmine

They actually kinda nailed this one.

10. Elsa

Ice cubes, because of Frozen, get it? Or should I just let it go?

11. Merida

The red-haired princess from Disney's Brave is actually from Scotland, not Ireland. But it's cool, just lump all red-headed Europeans together. Do Scots eat potatoes? We'll never know.

12. Sleeping Beauty

I'm pretty sure her name is actually Aurora. If I'm wrong about that, you have my sincerest potatopologies.

13. Princess Leia

I'm pretty sure they put the Enterprise in there just to mess with Star Wars fans (and maybe also Star Trek fans?). Btw, what did you guys think of Rogue One? The Death Star is a weapon of mash destruction.

Which Disney princess potato is your fave? Let us know in the comments or on social media, and follow Popdust on twitter and Facebook for more awesome potato memes.

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