Who needs banks when you have Shoe Box

MUSIC|Ahead of their new album, SWAG MAG MILLI and LUCCHO release "Shoe Box"


"Why keep my money in a bank when I can have it all with me, in a shoebox."

This is what Swag Mag Milli tells me when I ask him about his latest single, "Shoebox". Leading up to the joint album release of Max Babies, the two Maryland rappers, Swag Mag Milli and Luccho have been busy spending late nights in the studio. finalizing an album that is an ode to home and a way of life.

The whole concept of this album is organic. Swag and Luccho grew up together since they were seven on the same street the album is named for, available on Spinrilla today. The boys would keep the money they saved in a shoebox, and the idea for the song and video were born. It reminds me of the videos from the early 2000s done better. Better production, better visuals but an ode to the "just gotta make it, here's my story" videos that put many southern rappers on the map. Take a look at the video below.