Note to all Lil Wayne fans and general admirers of celebrity: When the man is not on company time, he is not interested in signing an autograph or getting a picture taken with you. Those assholes that tried to sneak onto his property last year found out about that, as did some guy who tried to take his picture outside of a church last month. Now Alfredo Marino, a Weezy fan who encountered the rapper skateboarding, is acutely aware of this, as his photo request was spurned by Wayne, and his attempts to surreptitiously snap a picture of The Martian were allegedly met with a skateboard upside the head, which knocked him down and caused his head to bleed. "Don’t you know all it takes is a word and these motherf**kers are going to f**k you up?" Marino claims Wayne explained of his crew.

Jeez, and we thought skating was supposed to be a way for Weezy to blow off some steam. You don't gotta go all Kids with it every time some guy gets under your skin with a camera, Wayne, otherwise you're gonna be spending pretty much the rest of your life on TMZ.