Do You Want To Smell Like Lady Gaga?

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Blessed with some spare time thanks to local traffic flow, Lady Gaga has begun rolling out promo photos for her first fragrance, to be released this fall. Aptly titled "Fame," albeit one album cycle behind its musical namesake, Gaga is proud to be responsible for the first ever "Black Eau De Parfum," which shouldn't come as a surprise, even if you're fragrance knowledge begins and ends with dad's Old Spice. Even if her product confuses the same way as that unappealing drinking water shilled by Real Househusbands of New Jersey, it still comes with a special modifier and allows her the same thrill that continues to feed countless Internet trolls.

Its September release is long overdue for the Little Monsters who've always dreamed of smelling like the stale cigarettes, whiskey and the unprecedented amounts of self-love their Queen sweats out each and every night. A fusion of "dripping honey, saffron and apricot nectar," Fame is the first black eau de parfum, as well as the first product from Gaga's Haus Laboratories in Paris, which may or may not explain what was going on in the barn scene during the "You and I" video. Some of us would still like to know, Stefani.

The celebrity fragrance game has a long and storied history, with Rihanna looking to push boundaries even further by melting ours minds with her upcoming product "Nude," a scent likely much more pleasant than natural emanating from one's birthday suit. Gaga is one of many current pop stars pushing her own perfume, that will be believed to share some of her personal qualities by all who purchase it, regardless of whether or not she included drops of blood in each bottle. In the case of other famous fragrances, it's obvious you're getting more than just an olfactory lift. Applying the scent of Beyoncé  or Justin Bieber (metaphorically) lends you some of their patented perfection and swag, respectively. As for Gaga? Splashing yourself with her floral concoction should give you the bravery needed to laugh in the face of a head injury. (We hope.) So what kinds of Little Monsters will be snatching it up come fall?

We're glad you're not excluding anyone, Mommy Dearest.

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