Mariah Carey's annual Christmas classic is so engrained into our holiday culture that it continually manages to re-top the charts every season. Naturally, as years go on, other artists have attempted the song and none not quite so impressively as Mrs. Carey herself. However this year, a new diva has stepped up to the plate with her offering and we're not so sure she should be dismissed.

Demi Lovato not only took on the challenge, but did so in front of the The Obamas.

Thoughts? Sounds to me like she kind of killed it.

But how does Demi's performance for the Obama Family stack up against the original? How does it stack up against all of the many other versions that have appeared throughout the years? How many future Idol contestants do we think will attempt to sing the classic directly to new Idol judge, Carey? That's for a future conversation. For now, we rank the covers versions:

10. The Cast of Glee

A cover has never sounded more like a cover, as when it's covered by Glee.

9. Miley Cyrus

Yikes, a now-Miley would probably not have the nicest things to say about Then-Miley's performance. And neither do we.

8. John Mayer

A rare recording of Mayer crooning "All I Want For Christmas" in his signature style proves that the song was meant to be a ballad.

7. Lady Antebellum

Another downbeat version, where three-part harmonies manage to do justice the charming background vocals the original.

6. Michael Bublé

Bublé goes Bublé with his cover version--meaning, it sounds just like the rest of the polished crooner's covers and nothing like the original.

5. Tony Bennett

Who needs the high notes? Tony Bennett's Xmas is as cool and collected as ever. Somehow, it works.

4. Shania Twain

Atop a piano, wearing what appears to be leather pants, Shania manages to transform the song into her own. Even the high notes.

3. Carly Rose, this year's X Factor winner

On her road to winning this year's season of The X Factor, Carly Rose Sonenclar managed to pull off the track--despite being surrounded by all those break dancing elves. *shiver*

2. CeeLo

CeeLo's 2012 holiday album was full of surprising (and magical!) moments. This cover was one of them.

1. Justin Bieber feat. Mariah Carey

Okay, you might say this one doesn't count. I say it does because it's not Bieber's fault that he was the only one to call up on Mariah herself  and have her grace his cover with her presence. The song's "Superfestive!" subtitle lives up to it's promise.

 BONUS: Mariah Carey feat. Jimmy Fallon & The Roots

Perhaps this list was in vain, because if you've heard Mariah reprise her baby anytime recently, you'd know she's still got it on lock. Even when accompanied by toys.