Does Kanye West Have Postpartum Depression?


Have you wondered why Kanye West isn't spending more time with his new baby son? If so, you are not alone.

According to a source close to the couple, Kim is upset that Kanye seems unable to bond with baby Saint, but instead spendis all his time with North or else obsessively  airing his grievances on Twitter.

While the Twitter rants are nothing new, Kanye has ramped up the outbursts, seemingly full of free-floating rage and indignation, refusing to even consider requests from his loved ones to give it a rest.

Kayne's agitation became noticeable shortly after Saint's birth, according to the insider. Kim has even wondered if it's possible for a new father to experience postpartum depression.

In fact, men DO experience postpartum depression and there is a website devoted to offering support and raising awareness.

PostpartumMen is:

a place for men with concerns about depression, anxiety or other problems with mood after the birth of a child. It promotes self-help, provides important information for fathers – including a self-assessment for postpartum depression – hosts an online forum for dads to talk to each other, offers resources, gathers new information about men’s experiences postpartum, and – most importantly – helps fathers to beat the baby blues.

The lack of awareness of male postpartum depression results in men feeling isolated with their feelings of irritability, which only leads to shame and more withdrawal from family members.

A 2010 study found that 10 percent of men had prenatal or postpartum depression. That’s more than double the rate of men who suffer from depression in the general population — 4.8 percent.

Postpartum depression in men may produce different symptoms than is women. Dads tend to struggle with irritability, detachment and emotional withdrawal, and the impact on the family may be just as substantial.

According to psychcentral:

Like maternal postpartum depression, depression in dads also poses risks for kids. Some research has suggested that dad’s depression may increase the risk for behavioral problems and mental illness.

It's easy to make fun of Kanye's behavior. It's a full-time activity in social media and nearly everywhere else.

But he may be suffering from a very real problem that calls for support and possibly medical treatment. We can't diagnose him from afar, but his behavior is consistent with symptoms of PPD.

If you know a dad who may be suffering from postpartum depression, there is help. Click here for resources.




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