Sure, Frenchie Davis caught our eye during night one of blind auditions on The Voice, triggering memories of American Idol season two and the untimely leak of risque photos that lead to her disqualification. But amongst the musical hopefuls who were chosen to move forward lies another reality competition veteran and winner: 31-year-old Tarralyn Ramsey, who captured VH1's Born To Diva crown in 2003. Say what, exactly?

Despite its bombastic title, 2003's reality competition seems to have missed our radar here at Popdust. (Or it's just that 2003 just feels too long ago for us to remember. Back then "Bring Me to Life" was a hit. Scary times, people.) Described as a "diva bootcamp," the eight-episode series sought to discover and groom the next big female star, one in the vein of Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, with help from judges like Gloria Estefan and Patti LaBelle. In the end, Ramsey emerged victorious, and delivered a tear-inducing performance of "Up Against All Odds" in the finale, which she would go on to record for her album Tarralyn with Universal in 2004. We gave the Florida native 3-1 odds to win it all after just hearing her initial performance of "Breathe" by Faith Hill on Tuesday night. Now that we've learned she's been publicly proclaimed a diva before? Well, all the more fitting that she'll be working with Christina Aguilera.

Check out Tarralyn performing in full diva glory: a princess prom dress, backed by a complete it should be. And if you caught Born To Diva when it originally aired, speak up! Give us your review below, in the comments.

Against all odds by esoterian