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WATCH! Dog Crashes Car Into Walmart

Who let the dogs out?

Dog crashes car into Walmart;

Walmart shoppers and employees got a bit of a surprise Friday afternoon when a car crashed into the front of the store in Wayne, West Virginia.

An elderly woman had arrived at the store to do some shopping but obviously couldn't take her dogs in with her. So she decided to leave her two dogs in the car with the engine running to keep them cool.

Yes you read that right. WITH THE ENGINE RUNNING.

At some point, the dogs got pissed off waiting and started moving around in their impatience. They got into the front seats and managed to knock the car out of gear, sending it rolling right into the front of the store!


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One employee had to make a quick leap out of the way and anxious shoppers rushed over the the vehicle to check the driver was ok. They got the shock of their lives when they saw that the culprits were in fact two dogs—one in the driver's seat and one in the passenger's!

One of the mutts then managed to open the window of the vehicle and jump out (he was later arrested for leaving the scene of an accident), but luckily neither of the hounds, nor any humans were injured.

The building and the car had minimal damage and the owner drover home with her pooches after speaking to the police deputy who responded to the scene. No police report was filed.

A local told WSAZ;

"I didn't know dogs could drive. Dogs can be your best friend, and in this situation they can be your enemy too."

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