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Donald Trump Hair Mystery—Combover, Toupee, Transplant, Follicle Faux Pas?


The Donald Trump hair mystery is one of the greatest enigmas of our time—combover, hair transplant, toupee, just pure and simple follicle faux pas?

I mean, WTF IS going on? It looks like a bunch of shredded wheat precariously glued on top of The Donald's noggin.

Popdust reached out to a leading hair transplant expert and a top celebrity hairdresser in our quest to finally solve the mop mind-blogger—here's what we found out.

Dr. Sean Behnam, from Dermatology & Hair Restoration Specialists, studied over 300 of The Donald's photos, in addition to several videos, (now THAT'S dedication right there!) Here's his conclusion:

"Donald Trump did not have a hair transplant, and, he doesn't have a toupee. This is all his own hair, and it is exactly how he styled his hair when he was younger.

So, why does it give the impression of unnaturalness? Because, what looks natural at a younger age doesn't look natural as one gets older. There is a concept of "age appropriateness" when it comes to hair and hairlines. Meaning, having a hairline that comes pretty close to the eyebrows (like The Beatles back in the day) may look age appropriate when younger but not age appropriate in one's 60s. This creates a sense of unnaturalness. It gives the impression that he is hiding a receding hairline or it's a wig or he had a bad hair transplant. But, none of these are the case.

This is very common. There are many people who come for hair transplants and want their hairline to be where it was when they were 18-years old. I sit down and explain that it is not age appropriate to have such a low hair line at age 60.

Also, hairstyle is fashion—and, just like clothes, hairstyles fall out of fashion. We often wear our hairstyle in line with trends in pop culture when we were younger—and this carries itself throughout one's life.

So, if a person grows up in the 60s and 70s, they will often have a hairstyle from that era, that most likely, they will continue with for a long time.

For example, The Beatles. Pictures from their early days shows they wore their hair very close to their eyebrows. This was the fashion of the day back then.

If you compare photos of Trump back from when he was in his 20s and 30s, to recent ones, you will note he is still styling his hair in the exact same fashion.

However, as explained previously, what looks natural and age appropriate in your youth, often doesn't look natural or age appropriate when you are in your 60s—especially when hair fashion has changed to a more "close cut and clean style" like how Ryan Seacrest wears his hair.

Now, if Ryan Seacrest was to start wearing his hair like the Beatles, it would also look unnatural because that's not the fashion today—as evidenced here.

There are also other aspects. As one does age, the hairline naturally recedes, so in order to give the impression of a lower hairline, Donald has to wear his hair longer. Longer hair needs more maintenance with products to make it look firmer and stand, which further gives the impression of un-naturalness.

So, overall, I think Donald actually has fairly good hair for his age—and, it would actually look pretty good if he were to cut it shorter. The reason it looks so unnatural is because he is trying to have the same style as he had when he was younger, and, due to current hair fashion changes, it looks un-natural and not age appropriate."

Thanks Dr. Behnam, that totally makes sense, yeah?

Meanwhile, a top celebrity hair stylist—who asked to remain anonymous due to their sometimes touchy client list—also weighs in on the issue:

"I don't believe Trump has had a transplant of any type, or that he wears a hair piece. To me, it looks like a case of the classic old “double combover." I would hazard a guess that Donald's daily hair styling routine involves some rigorous back combing, followed by teasing hair from the left of his head over to the right side—then, teasing sections from the back over the front, finishing off with an Ozone-busting fix of industrial strength hairspray.

The most bizarre part is that with a good, well cut, shorter style, Trump's hair could actually look pretty decent, instead of the ridiculous thatch it currently resembles— and it could even make him look much younger.

To find out more about Dr. Sean Behnam and the hair transplant services he provides visit his website —and enjoy Popdust's gallery of The Donald's very best hair moments.

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