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Comedy Central teasing new late night show hosted by "Donald Trump?"

The network has been virally promoting a possible new late night show

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In the last 24 hours Comedy Central has been building the buzz around The President Show, but what exactly is it?

It's no secret the world of late night comedy is a crowded place, and if Comedy Central's viral marketing is to be believed, a yuuuge name may be joining them. Buzz began when last night's episode of The Daily Show was interrupted by a cryptic message in Russian that some suspected was an actual Russian hack featuring the web domain That link leads to an official The President Show twitter page that features a "press release" from our 45th President proclaiming "Late night TV is broken. A TOTAL DISASTER. I alone can fix it!" That plus the existence of a second @LateNightDonald account that introduces itself in its bio as the host of The President Show all point to the impending arrival of a new late night show joining The Daily Show with Trump at the head.

Now as much as many of us would gladly see Trump as a late night TV host if it meant leaving his current job, signs point to the series instead being a spoof our current president with an impersonator at the head. Among the most popular guesses for who'd be spray tanning up for the role is Anthony Atamanuik, a comedian who rose to prominence for his Trump impression and made headlines recently for feuding with fellow Trump portrayer Alec Baldwin.

Despite the offbeat nature of this advertising campaign there is a lot of reasons this idea makes sense for Comedy Central. Since last summer's cancellation of The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, the network has had an opening in its once formidable late night block. Plus this wouldn't be the first time the network had an ignorant, loud mouth Republican caricature fronting a late night show and they know first hand the caliber of comedy that can come out of it. That said, the idea is not without its risks. Between the many weekly late night shows and weekend programs like SNL and Last Week Tonight, there's no shortage of already established sources for Trump-related humor. Plus let's not forget that our current commander in chief has not had the warmest responses to his past impersonations.

Still, if their marketing approach is any indication, the show could be the biting satire we need to help make sense of the insanity around us. The only way we'll know for certain is once Comedy Central formally unveils The President Show, whatever it might be.

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