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The Mystery Of Donald Trump's Personality Disorder—Psychopath, Sociopath Or Narcissist?

Take your pick of the three.....

There are many accusations thrown about in regard to Donald Trump—and none are without foundation.

Racist, misogynist, homophobe—he's earned these labels many times over, and even though all these qualities may be beneficial to the President of the United States (!), they are all sides of the same coin.

Clearly The Donald exhibits signs of a serious personality disorder—but which one?


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Is he just a narcissist (think Gwyneth Paltrow), which, while not particularly endearing in a world leader, is not as scary as, say, a full blown sociopath (think Ted Bundy) or even worse, a psychopath (think Joseph Mengele).

Allow Popdust to break it down for you—we'll examine the different traits of each condition and try to work out once and for all....

Just what the fuck is Donald Trump's problem?

There are a number of classic traits that each disorder shares;

  • Lying

Trump is a pathological liar.

According to the Daily Wire, Politico attempted to measure how many lies Trump told over the course of 4.6 hours of speeches, and they found that he had lied on average, once every five minutes.

Huffington Post catalogued his lies over the course of one town hall event and came up with a staggering 71 lies.

  • Lack of empathy

Just look at his treatment of Mr & Mrs Khan .

No empathy whatsoever.

  • Lack of accountability

Have we seen his tax records? Nope. Trump's still refusing to release them and seems likely to continue using every excuse under the sun in order to avoid any form of disclosure.

  • Inflated view of self importance

It's difficult to pin down a speech, interview or event where Donald Trump doesn't scream his inflated view of himself proudly and loudly from the rooftops.

His "excellent" relationship with Vladimir Putin, his "best-selling business book of all time", his "biggest real estate company in the world" all those "blacks and hispanics" who just LOVE him....

We could go on and on and on, but I think that even staunch Trump supporters would agree Trump has an ego the size of Texas.

  • Sense of entitlement

Trump's self of entitlement is clearly visible in this quote:

I wish I'd had a great marriage.

See my father was always very proud of me, but one thing he got right was that he had a great marriage.

He was married for 64 years.

Once of my ex-wives once said to me, 'You have to work at a marriage.'

And I said, 'That's the most ridiculous thing.'"
  • Refusal to admit wrong doing

Jimmy Fallon interviewed Trump last December and asked him "Have you ever apologized, ever, in your lifetime?" Trump said no.

Because he's never wrong apparently.

  • Lack of conscience

Donald Trump, hopes to be President of the entire country, he complains constantly about people being "mean" to him and playing "nasty" yet he refused to condemn the anti-semitic abuse of a reporter who dared to write a critical profile of his wife Melania.

  • Inability to engage in self-reflection

Trump himself has said that he doesn't like to reflect on himself, because he's afraid of what he'll realize.

  • Can be convincing in mimicking required social emotions

Researchers at Ohio State University found that voters enjoy emotionally charged and authoritarian-style language in times of trouble�.

Trump certainly fits that criteria, he regularly delivers emotional messages in speeches and seemingly convinces his legion of supporters that he is speaking from the heart.

  • High need for power and control

Trump's megalomania knows no bounds.

As noted by The Washington Post, he has vowed that he, and only he, can destroy the so-called Islamic State; scrap bad trade deals; get Mexico to payfor and build a wall along U.S. borders; stop gang violence and murder; put a halt to drugs pouring into "our communities"; suspend immigration of all Muslims; defy treaty obligations; decline to aid NATO allies and "make America great again."

  • Willingness to throw others under the bus to further their own agenda

There are no limits as to just who Trump will disavow to save his own skin.

Before the RNC he claimed:

One of the best produced, including the incredible stage & set, in the history of conventions.

Great unity!

Big TV ratings!

Fast forward a week later, when asked about the differences between the RNC and the DNC;

I didn't produce our show—I just showed up for the final speech on Thursday.
  • Distinct lack of boundaries and zero social awareness

Every time Trump uses a tragedy for self promotion he demonstrates (as well as his lack of empathy) that he literally has no consideration for social boundaries .

His response to the Orlando shooting; the worst mas shooting in US history, was immediate self promotion:

Sounds like The Donald so far huh?
But, there are many shared attributes of the three conditions, and you can't be a sociopath or a psychopath without being a narcissist too—the difference lies in attitudes and this is where the disorders diverge.
There are a number of subtle differences in the traits that separate them.

Check out the individual characteristics of each and vote in our poll as to which one you think applies to the Republican Presidential candidate—Mr Donald Trump.


  1. Likeable
  2. Self-interested—conversation is focused on themselves.
  3. Takes credit for anything positive.
  4. Brags about their achievements.
  5. Isn't interested in others.
  6. Strong personality—it's all about them
  7. Doesn't necessarily require constant stimulation
  8. Not necessarily threatening to society.


  1. Will deliver an apology if it fits their agenda.
  2. Intuitive—skilled at observing and reading people
  3. Will use social media to intentionally cyber-abuse, or emotionally unsettle.
  4. Slightly more humble.
  5. Will ask lots of questions.
  6. No real personality- will change identity to fit in, in order to manipulate others.
  7. Nervous high energy, can get frantic.
  8. Prone to boredom, needs constant stimulation.
  9. Will instantly abandon their subject if their motives are uncovered.
  10. Usually not well educated or gainfully employed.
  11. Viewed as outside society


  1. Charming
  2. Cannot form emotional bonds, but is good at faking it.
  3. Calculating—will form complicated plans
  4. Skilled at behaving the way they should—can have a family and friends, but they are fake.
  5. Intelligent, will have a good education and hold down a good job.
  6. Fearless.
  7. Dangerous to society.

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