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Draft Dodger Donald Trump Says Avoiding STDs Was His Own Personal ‘Vietnam’

The brave warrior speaks out about his own personal Vietnam war battles.

Donald Trump Vietnam STDs comparison just about sums him up really.

Some have dared to criticize Donald Trump over his avoidance of fighting in the Vietnam war.

As Popdust previously reported, the then-22-year-old Trump managed to draft dodge five times—four because of college, and once because of his "bad feet."

He explained all in an interview back in 2011:

I had student deferments…. it was a long time ago…

I had student deferments then ultimately I had a medical deferment because of my feet.

I had a bone spur.

A bone spur.


Trump's draft dodging hasn't prevented him from criticizing the bravery of others however.

Oh no siree!

Far from it in fact.

You may remember he slammed Senator John McCain back in 2015, opining he was far from a "war hero."

McCain, a former Navy pilot, spent over five years behind bars in a North Vietnamese prison—two of those in solitary confident—after being captured during the line of duty.

During his time in captivity in the notoriously tough internment camp, McCain was routinely tortured—and to this day he walks with a noticeable limp and remains unable to lift either arm above his shoulders.

Pah! So what though?

According to the great Trump, McCain is far from a war hero.

He made his feelings on the subject crystal clear during an appearance at the Family leadership Council summit in Iowa:

[John McCain is] not a war hero.
He was a war hero because he was captured.
I like people who weren't captured.

Indeed Mr. Trump. Indeed.

Now, in case any of you doubters out there are thinking Trump has no right to speak on the subject—given his draft dodging status—think again.

Don't question the Republican presidential candidate's bravery…

He may not have been languishing in the Hanoi Hilton, being subjected to unimaginable degrees of torture himself—but, don't think he was living the high life.

Far from it.

In fact, Trump was suffering through his own personal "Vietnam" and it was every bit as terrifying, terrible and downright torturous as anything those soldier folks were undergoing at the time.

Trump opened up about his "personal Vietnam" during an interview with Howard Stern back in 1997, which resurfaced on Buzzfeed yesterday:

STERN: Now getting back to dating, and when you got to say to a woman, you gotta go to my personal doctor and I'm gonna have you checked out, is that a tough thing to say to a woman?

TRUMP: It's amazing, I can't even believe it. I've been so lucky in terms of that whole world.
It is a dangerous world out there.
It's like Vietnam, sort of.

STERN: Hey it's your personal Vietnam isn't it?

TRUMP: It is my personal Vietnam.
I feel like a great and very brave soldier!

STERN: A lot of guys who went through Vietnam came out unscathed. A lot of guys going through the '80s having sex with different women came out with AIDS and all kinds of things.

TRUMP: This is better than Vietnam, but it's uh... it's more fun.

STERN: A little better, but every vagina is a landmine, haven't we both said that in private?

TRUMP: [intense laughter] I think it is a potential landmine.
There's some real danger there.

Sort of like Vietnam Donald.

Sort of.

Same same but different.

Meanwhile, the self-professed "great and very brave soldier" has been continuing to do what he does best—disparaging actual, real, great and brave soldiers.

Last week the Donald trash talked the parents of slain Muslim American soldier, Army Captain Humayun Khan, following their heartfelt and moving speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Khan was killed by a suicide bomber in Baghdad in 2004 at the age of 27—he was posthumously given the Purple Heart award and a Bronze Star for his heroic service.

Trump mocked Khizr Khan and his wife, Ghazala, during an interview with ABC on Saturday:

Who wrote [their speech]?

Did Hillary's scriptwriters write it?

I think I've made a lot of sacrifices. I work very, very hard.

If you look at his wife, she was standing there.

She had nothing to say.

Maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say.

Note to Donald—Ghazala had a lot to say, and it was her choice not to speak.

She actually wrote the speech, but asked her husband to deliver it, as she was afraid she would become too overwhelmed with emotion.

But hey, never let a simple thing such as the truth get in the way eh, Donald?

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