Sure, we all love hearing Drake rap about strip clubs and drunk-dialing and smoking weed and whatnot, but if you're anything like us, what you're really pumped for is in a decade or so, when Drake is rapping about Rogaine and golfing and creeping on his niece's teenage best friend. Well, bad news for all of us, then—it looks like Young Aubrey might never make it to middle age as a rapper. Drizzy was asked about the prospects of being a Rapper of a Certain Age by I-D Magazine, and suffice to say, he wasn't making any promises about still being in the game at that point—especially if he has the Special Lady to give it all up for:

I personally think that when I find that person and when it is established we are going to enter a serious relationship–I mean I don’t even know if I’ll still be making rap music...You know, there are artists who are 35 and up that still make rap and that still works for them...I don’t know if I want to be that guy. A lot of my music is about being young and figuring it all out. I don’t know if I can still make my brand of music when I am up there. Maybe I’ll be just acting or whatever it is. I plan to make as much music as I can until a story from Drake doesn’t impact you as it used to.

Bummer central. We understand Drake's desire to keep from sounding old when so much of his current appeal is about his being young and wild and (occasionally) stupid, but man, we'd hate to lose out on the possibilities of 40-year-old Drake just continuing to rap about life shit, even if it is just picking up the kids from soccer practice or whatever. Plus, if he's too old to be rapping, what will that possibly say about us??