Don't Make Lady Gaga Choose Favorites When it Comes to Bollywood

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On tour in Australia, Lady Gaga got cornered by a journalist for the Hindustan Times—hey, it's just a hop, skip and a jump from India to the Land Down Under—who wanted to grill her about her feelings on Bollywood. "I have seen a few Bollywood films," testified Gaga. "I love how theatrical they are, and that's my favorite part - that they are so surreal and full of fantasy." The reporter then asked her favorite Bollywood movie. "I couldn't name any one in particular, I like so many." Then, her favorite Bollywood actor and actress. "Again I have so many actors and actresses that I love in India and I couldn't just name one."

Uh-huh. The "couldn't name just one" defense is one of the classic lame mechanisms for covering up one's ignorance on a certain subject—as in "Oh yeah, I totally listened to that compilation of 20th-century classical re-interpretations of Steve Reich ambient pieces you lent me. My favorite track? Uhh, I couldn't name just one." It's understandable that Gaga wouldn't want to reveal to the Indian contingent of her fanbase—which, odds are, is more considerable than we'd think—that she doesn't know shit about Bollywood, but honestly, trying to pass herself off as a superfan like this is just insulting. Here's hoping Asha Bhosle issues a statement decrying Gaga to the Indian public for her faking. (Thanks, Cornershop!)


For lots more pics, videos and up-to-the-second dish on Gaga, be sure to check out her Popdust Artist Page.

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