To us, she's Lana Del Rey, but to the suburban ten-year-olds of New York, she's just Lizzie Grant, noted depriver of chocolate ice cream and enforcer of early bedtimes. Yes, that's right—when she's not alienating pop audiences and setting off riotous internet debates under her superhero alternate identity, Lana/Lizzie still works as a babysitter. Lana recently discussed her side gig with MTV when talking about what a "normal life" she lives, apart from all that damn pop-crit controversy:

I still have my same babysitting job...I babysit twice a week. When I'm here, when I'm here it's what I do. Just because it's something that I've been doing for a while...It's one [kid], it's just one, and he's ten.

The interviewer then asked the obvious question: Does the kid know that you're, well, Lana Del Rey? "Actually, yeah," answered Lana. "He's like—he's very with it." However, the interview balked at asking any of the obvious follow-up questions. Does the kid know that you're getting torn apart by Stereogum? Do you ever practice your routine around him? What kind of career guidance does he give you? Do you ever kick off an epic match of Wii Tennis by telling him "get over here and play a video game?" Journalism these days, honestly.