Our Douche of the Day candidate for Wednesday is not afraid to direct you to his favorite body part—meet Armpit Douche, a fetching blond bombshell for all genders to enjoy, including the genderless.

Armpit Douche has found a way to multitask in the service of displaying as many areas of interest as humanly possible. Notice his bulging bicep as he exposes his underarm and grasps his hair. This Douche aims to please.

I love the hair. I would love to see the man-bun he is teasing us with. I wish we could see if the back is shaved. We can give him the points in the hope that it is.

The earholes are perfection. Big enough to show true commitment but not so big as to upset your stomach. They show that he is not new to the Douche game, despite how young he looks.

The lotus neck-tattoo is so nice, eschewing the usual vivid coloration in favor of delicate pastels. The other tattoos look unfinished in comparison, but I know he is a work in progress, tattoo-wise.

In proudly displaying his armpit, this Douche is saying, 'See me, smell me.' It is a tribute to Tommy by The Who, and so much more.

So, over to you wannabe-Douche Aficionados™—vote below to have your voice heard.

Wednesday’s candidate—Total Douche Or Just A Dude?