While talking to MTV at the ASCAP Pop Music Awards earlier today, songwriter and producer Dr. Luke was asked about one of his most famous and frequent collaborators, Britney Spears. After dishing some about the way her "Till the World End" remix came together (Ke$ha was already on board due to having written the song, Nicki just hopped on due to being on tour with Britney), the conversation turned to what kind of sound Britney was going for on the entire Femme Fatale album. Says the Good Doctor:

I feel like Britney kind of has her own genre if you look at songs like 'Toxic' and 'Piece of Me' and 'Oops! ... I Did It Again,' they all were sort of influential, [and] led the way. And so she wanted to keep on with that, and do stuff that was like, forward thinking, and so we put some dubstep stuff in there, in bridges...I hope you like it.

Her own genre, huh? Seems like a description more fit for someone like Kanye West or Lady Gaga—someone far more self-important in their work than Britney, anyway—but if a pop guru like Max Martin says so, I guess we have to bow to his superior wisdom. (Too bad "Britpop" is already taken, in that case.)

One fellow pop star who certainly seems to have been impressed with Britney's recent efforts is Selena Gomez, who will be featuring three songs written (or at least co-written—the actual level of involvement is thusfar unclear) by Spears on her next album. For what it's worth, Gomez's easily excitable producer Kevin "LETITROCK! LETITROCK!" Rudolf says that the lyrics to Britney's songs are "like a drug, so catchy! It's easy, fast and really sexy!" Well, that all sounds pretty much like Femme Fatale, even though Brit didn't actually have anything to do with the writing on that album—perhaps she picked a couple tricks up from the Doctor's tutelage after all.