After she totally owned the first 18 months of the decade, it's been a weird year-plus with virtually no Ke$ha in our lives—no glitter, no laser guns, no brand new Benzes or bougie friends. But according to her regular songwriter/producer Dr. Luke, who's also been relatively absent from pop radio of late (Katy Perry aside), it won't be long until she's back on our Top 40 radio and in our hearts. "We're getting really close," Lukasz tells Billboard of the album's eminent finish—not as comforting as cover art and a release date, but it'll do for now.

And what will this new effort sound like once finished? "You're going to hear her voice more," the Doctor promises. ""She asked for less production tricks and stuff like that this time." We're not sure how to feel about that—we kinda liked the production tricks, and we're not so sure that we need to hear every little intricacy of K-Money's voice—but we'll trust artist and producer for the time being.

Plus, there's something new to replace the production tricks—gee-tars. "Ke$ha was the one who told me, 'Under no circumstance will I have any guitars on the record.'...So we made those (songs) without guitars," Lukasz remembers of the pop vixen's debut album, Animal. But now? "This record we're allowed to use a little guitar." Thank the lord—how is Ke$ha ever gonna realize her destiny as lead singer of an AC/DC tribute band without a couple six-strings?