Get The Perfect Gift For Your Guy - Meet Dr. Squatch

Get The Perfect Gift For Your Guy - Meet Dr. Squatch

So. What do you do when you run out of gift ideas for that special man in your life?

Many of us have hit that point of searching for an incredible gift only to realize your husband, brother, or even your dad wouldn’t enjoy it.

So, our men’s fashion editors took to the internet to see what we could find and came across Dr. Squatch - a brand helping men everywhere streamline their hygiene routines with natural soaps, deodorants, beard oils, and more.

Every soap offered by Dr. Squatch is made using natural ingredients and a traditional cold process technique, which retains nutrients in each bar to nourish and hydrate skin. Everything is made here in the good ol’ US of A and each bar has a comprehensive glossary of ingredients.

Dr. Squatch has more scents than you can count, making it easy to find one for every man in your life. Fresh Falls and Grapefruit IPA are two of our favorite scents!

Bonus: Dr.Squatch's shampoos, conditioners, and hair care kits come in the same scents.

Even better, Dr.Squatch is once again offering their most popular bundles:

  • Try Em’ All Bundle - Experience all 11 original Dr. Squatch scents
  • Shower Essentials Bundle - 6 bars of soap paired with a hair care kit
  • 9-pack Bundle - A chance to try out 9 of Dr. Squatch’s most popular soaps
  • Galaxy Bundle - A space-themed 4-pack of soap featuring out-of-this-world scents
  • Fresh Falls Bundle - For the dads with a full routine; includes soap and deodorant

Dr. Squatch’s soaps are made to refresh and hydrate, but the real treat is that you can get it delivered right to their door. Now, becoming their best-smelling self is easier than ever.

This year, say goodbye to patterned socks and wacky ties and hello to fun, functional presents that give your family and friends an extra boost to feel like a champion everyday!

Find Your Perfect Scent With Dr. Squatch Today!!

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