The busy schedules of two megastars aren't always able to sync in a timely manner for a video shoot, but the doesn't mean fans should be forced suffer without proper visual representation of a current single from the artist themselves. For whatever the reason, Drake was M.I.A. in the initial video for "Mr. Wrong," his collaboration with Mary J. Blige, leaving her highness to slink around the bright sets, adding extra sorrowful glances to the otherwise empty stage when you imagine that Drizzy blew her off to go sweater shopping. Like other powerful pairings before them, the two have finally connected in the new year, with a new video that features Drake in one of his Drake-iest, schoolboy outfits yet running through his feelings in front of the camera. Considering Blige's part of the video remains intact, it's hard to critique this as a "new" performance, so we'll just reiterate what we've said before: she delivers. (As always.) Despite her fierceness, Blige's previous version was lacking in sensitive knitwear and Canadian grace, so we are pleased to see Take 2 of the video contains a few precious seconds of her notable quest star. Watch below.