Drake's Rihanna-featuring "Take Care" has already made it to #9 on the charts—higher than 2011 hits "Headlines," "Marvin's Room" and "I'm On One" have peaked, believe it or not—based on downloads alone from the first week of the album of the same name's release. So it's no surprise that when it comes time for the song's actual single release, Drake wants to do things properly. He's filming a video for the likely smash-to-be with his celebrity, ex-paramour co-star, and he has big plans for it. "I want to make it perfect — the best video I've done to date — so I'm just taking my time," Drake explained to MTV. "[The album] is a project where I think visuals are called for, for a lot of those records...So we're working on definitely the 'Take Care' video, which we're trying to get shot soon and a couple of other ones, too, off the album." (Ahem, Lord Knows, Ahem.)

To be honest, it's a pretty low bar for Best Drake Video Ever honors—right now, they'd probably go to the minorly-offensive-but-at-least-kinda-charming High School Women's Basketball clip for "Best I Ever Had"—so we'd be a little bit disappointed if he fell short of his very reachable ambitions with this video. Go team.